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I. Introduction

Resetting a Blink Mini camera is a straightforward process that can be necessary for various reasons, such as when you encounter network issues, wish to reconfigure the device, or want to start afresh with new settings. This detailed guide provides comprehensive instructions on how to perform a factory reset on your Blink Mini camera using both physical and app-based methods.

II. Understanding the Need for Resetting

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand why you might need to reset your Blink Mini camera. Reasons could include troubleshooting connectivity problems, resolving software glitches, preparing to sell or give away the camera, or setting up the device anew after changing Wi-Fi networks.

III. Physical Factory Reset: The Direct Approach

A. Preparation

  1. Power On: Ensure that your Blink Mini camera is plugged in and receiving power.
  2. Locating the Reset Button: Turn the camera around to find the small recessed reset button located near the Micro-USB port at the back.

B. Execution

  1. Initiating Reset: Use a paperclip or similar tool to press and hold the reset button firmly. Keep it pressed for approximately 10 seconds or until the LED indicator light on the front of the camera blinks rapidly between blue and green colors, signifying that it’s undergoing a reset process.

how to reset blink mini camera

IV. App-Based Factory Reset: The Remote Method

A. Preparing Your Device and App

  1. Open the Blink Home Monitor App: Make sure you have the latest version of the Blink app installed on your smartphone and launch it.
  2. Navigate to Devices: Access the ‘Devices’ tab within the app where all connected Blink cameras are listed.

B. Initiating the Reset Through the App

  1. Selecting the Blink Mini: Identify the Blink Mini camera that needs resetting and tap on the three-dot menu (or gear icon) next to its name for more options.
  2. Choose ‘Remove from System’: From the dropdown menu, select ‘Remove from System’. Confirm your decision when prompted by the app.

C. Post-Reset Steps

  1. Reconfiguration: Once the camera has been removed from your system via the app, it will require a fresh setup process, just like when it was first installed. It’s important to note that all custom settings and recorded clips associated with this camera will be erased during this process.

V. After Resetting – Reinstallation and Setup

After successfully resetting your Blink Mini camera, it enters a default state, requiring you to reinstall and set it up again. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through this process:

A. Downloading/Opening the Blink App Again

  1. If you’ve already uninstalled or closed the Blink Home Monitor app, download it again from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). For those who still have the app, simply open it.

B. Creating/Logging into Your Account

  1. If you’re a new user, create a Blink account following the prompts in the app. If you’re an existing user, log in with your email address and password.

C. Adding the Reset Blink Mini Camera

  1. Tap the ‘+’ icon or “Add a Device” option within the app to begin the setup process.
  2. Choose “Blink Mini” from the list of devices and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. This typically involves holding down the pairing button on the camera until the LED indicator starts flashing.

D. Camera Configuration

  1. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the app will guide you through naming your camera, adjusting settings, and setting up motion detection preferences.
  2. You may also opt to configure advanced features like scheduling, infrared night vision, and two-way audio if applicable.

E. Positioning and Mounting

  1. Place your Blink Mini camera in its desired location, ensuring a clear field of view and stable mounting if required.

F. Testing and Verification

  1. After completing the setup, test your camera’s live view and motion detection capabilities to confirm it’s functioning properly. You can also check the recorded clips to make sure the video quality and storage settings meet your expectations.

Remember, a factory reset deletes all previous configurations and recordings. Therefore, after reinstallation, take the opportunity to personalize your settings and ensure your Blink Mini camera is tailored to your current security needs.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, resetting your Blink Mini camera can be an efficient solution for a myriad of issues. Whether opting for the direct physical reset or the remote app-based method, understanding and executing these procedures empowers you to maintain control over your home security setup and ensures your Blink Mini continues to function optimally. Always remember to backup critical data before initiating a reset and follow the setup process carefully afterwards to restore full functionality.

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